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Whether you are looking to raise your game, step into your

potential as a leader, or transition your career,

coaching is the process that moves you forward. 

Coaching is your opportunity to hit your refresh button

and go from thinking to doing. 


Working with a coach provides the time and focus for

self-discovery and the tools needed to propel you in your current career,

gain the confidence to transition into a career you are passionate about, 

and/or  become the polished, effective leader you are meant to be.

Do you ask yourself,

"Am I making an impact",  

"How can I step up my game",

"I've just been promoted, now what", or, 

"How do I navigate a career transition that's right for me"?

If these questions sound familiar, then perhaps it is time to explore

working with a coach.

Isn't it time to invest in you?

So what's it going to be,

One Day or Day One?



Lead from the inside out


Love what you do

  • Become the leader you are meant to be

  • Strengthen your leadership presence

  • Sharpen communication effectiveness

  • Build awareness around strengths and gaps

  • Shift from reacting to responding

  • Lead with intention - conscious leadership

  • Build collaborative relationships

  • Navigate organizational roadblocks

  • Lead productive and high energy teams

  • Create a dynamic, enviable culture

  • Attract and retain top talent

  • Navigate a career upgrade or transition

  • Identify your strengths and passions

  • Ensure career goals are in alignment with core values

  • Set an intentional and targeted search plan

  • Develop networking strategies

  • Gain confidence in your interviewing skills

  • Optimize your salary negotiating skills

  • Enhance resume and LinkedIn presence

  • Shift your mindset from TGIF to TGIM


  Raise your game

  • Become your best personal and professional self

  • Gain clarity and confidence 

  • Maximize strengths and capabilities

  • Align core values with career goals

  • Identify blind spots and road blocks

  • Sharpen your decision-making skills

  • Master choice management vs. time management

  • Work & live with balance and intention

  • Design an actionable plan to propel you forward


Coaching Executives, Senior Level Professionals 


and Rising Leaders



As the founder of LJR Coaching and Consulting Group, Lisa’s passion is working with executives, senior level professionals and rising leaders who seek to become their best professional selves.  Lisa has successfully coached leaders within Fortune 500 corporations to raise their game and lead from the inside out.  With over 20 years of experience navigating the corporate landscape, Lisa understands that effective leadership and communication are the foundation of a dynamic workplace culture. Lisa’s practice areas include Leadership Effectiveness, Professional Development and Career Strategy. Lisa’s distinctive coaching style is centered on cultivating trusting, collaborative relationships with her clients.  She provides candid and direct feedback with a healthy mix of challenge and ongoing support to continuously guide her clients forward. Lisa has proven to be successful working with high performers to further develop their executive presence, grow their emotional intelligence, build effective relationships, elevate communication and set and achieve actionable goals.

Lisa's Expertise:

  • ICF Certified Coach, ACC

  • Certified Professional Coach, Executive Coaching, CPC

  • Managing Director of a multi-million dollar IT consulting firm​

  • Strategic executive business partner 

  • Developing conscious and mindful leaders

  • Building and leading dynamic teams 

  • Fluency with various assessments including 360's

  • Career mapping, networking and navigation strategies

  • Corporate culture and engagement

  • Talent acquisition/Recruiting/Executive Search

  • Positive role model as a coach and mentor

  • Committed to confidentiality and integrity

  • Passion for maximizing potential in others

  • ​Engaging sense of humor



  UCLA, Bachelor of Arts, English

  iPEC, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

    -CPC, Certified Professional Coach, Executive Coach

    -ELI-MP, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

  Certified Mindful Leader - Whil

  Center for Non-Profit Management, Dallas

    -Non-Profit Management Certification

Leadership and Development Collaborations:

ID360, Inc., Lisa is an Executive Coach and Collaborator with ID360, a woman owned global corporate training and development group providing customized leadership, management and professional development training programs.  

Soulpreneurs Consortium, Lisa is a Founding Member of SPc, a mastermind group of like-minded leaders and subject matter experts dedicated to guiding individuals, groups and teams through transformational change.


Lisa has coached high potentials through executive level clients across various industries and from globally recognized organizations, including; Dell, Yahoo, PepsiCo, GameStop Corporation, Southwest Airlines, Sprint, Red Bull,

La Quinta/Wyndham Worldwide, Make-A-Wish Foundation, McCormick and Company, Alkami Technology, The Howard Hughes Corporation, Texas Health Resources, State of California, US Army.

Affiliations and Certifications:



Lisa’s coaching talents in professional development, leadership effectiveness, and career transition have been on full display during our sessions. Lisa worked with me as my coach to raise my game as a leader. She has helped me to see situations through multiple lenses, challenged me to open up with my team, and focus on activities and roles that ignite me. I highly recommend Lisa as your coach whether it’s for professional development, career transition (planned or unexpected), or leadership effectiveness. You can trust that Lisa will invest in you, be a valued resource, and help amplify your strengths while increasing your capabilities around areas of improvement. Thanks for being a rock star Lisa!

Director of Distribution, Red Bull

Lisa is the consummate professional. Her persistence and consistency have been among the most valuable elements of my executive coaching process- Lisa builds a foundation of trust with her clients. Lisa asks the right questions which enable me to make solid decisions. She has helped me to focus and prioritize. I have been better able to look at opportunities and challenges in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I have received from Lisa.  I highly recommend her as your coach - you can trust that Lisa will invest in you, be a valued resource, a positive critic and your champion. 

Vice President, Make-A-Wish Foundation 

Lisa has always presented herself with integrity and sound business practice. Lisa has been a great coach and mentor as I have progressed through my career - a great sounding board. She is quick to grasp concepts and ideas and works to develop winning strategies. Lisa is a pleasure to work with. Her contributions in partnership make significant impacts to bottom line results.

The spirit of partnership is always present in Lisa's business practice.


Senior Vice President, Global IT Service Delivery, US Bank

 When I started a new position leading a larger team, I started working with Lisa as my Executive Coach to help me build and maximize my leadership skills.  She employed the Energy Leadership model to help me understand what level I was leading from and how to manage and shift energy as a leader. This was instrumental for me in understanding the energy and emotion behind interactions and communications with people that I managed as well as other team members, leaders and stakeholders within the organization.  Through coaching, I’ve been able to incorporate several tangible tools (SMART Work, Communication) enabling me to be more intentional and

effective in my role as a leader. 


Vice President, Marketing and Customer Engagement

US Army Lieutenant Colonel (Ret)
currently Chief of Staff, PMO & Governance at Sprint

Lisa is a true sponsor for others. She transforms good into great by leveraging her keen forethought, relationship-based coaching and consulting skills. Lisa took inventory of my talents and values and helped me envision future possibilities, even before I saw them myself. I'm grateful to be able to work with and learn from Lisa as my personal development and career coach.

Chief Hustle Office, CEO, Inissor International Holdings

I’ve been most impressed and impacted by Lisa's ability to intuitively and accurately read people. Unlike many who have such an ability, Lisa goes further and connects with people. Her ability to read and connect is a highly valuable asset that will richly serve anyone seeking a coach or a navigator looking to grow themselves within their chosen field or looking to identify brand new opportunities... Lisa is the real deal…someone who seeks to encourage the best in others. This is truly one of the many areas where Lisa shines. This is where she is at her best…so that others may be at theirs.

Digital and Agile Transformation Coach, ICP-ACC

 A friend referred Lisa, a lucky break in what could have been a very anxiety filled endeavor turned

into a well-planned, well prepared, plan of attack.  Lisa takes the time to get to know you, coaches

you to figure out your goals and works with you to lay out a strategic plan on

how to get you from panic to prepared.

Director, Global IT Infrastructure and Engineering, Yahoo

When I met Lisa, I had a good position with PepsiCo but was feeling under-utilized.  Lisa's ability to quickly read my career situation and recognize my potential was invaluable.  Through her coaching, I was able to take a close, in-depth look at what was important to me.  Together, we laid out clear weekly goals that I could accomplish with my hectic schedule which increasingly built my confidence.  We mapped out steps I could take within PepsiCo to further my career and I ultimately accepted a new position with

McCormick and I couldn't be happier.

Sales Planning Manager II, McCormick & Company


Lisa is an amazing person and an incredible coach who was critical to my transition experience. In addition to possessing great intelligence, patience, experience, and communication skills, Lisa has a sincere and completely genuine desire to help others fulfill their potential and see them succeed. Lisa’s engaging personality created a reassuring and collaborative experience, which took away much of the stress and anxiety that came with transition. Despite having 20 years in the workforce, I had never transitioned between employers, and with Lisa’s assistance, I felt that I had a true ally and coach to consult who was on my side. Lisa’s vast experience was invaluable. Lisa knew the right questions to ask, or the best way to present my position, or could discuss different approaches and strategies with me. Throughout the process, Lisa was extremely accessible and always made me feel valued and

that she was personally vested in my ultimate success. Lisa has an exceptional talent

for guiding others towards success


The world you see is what you focus on.  It's never too late to adjust your focus.



Let's schedule a complimentary 30 minute  

conversation so that we can determine the right

coaching plan for you.


Lisa J. Rubenstein, CPC



Dallas, Texas

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